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Tax Services

Bill Oakes EA, CFP® offers the following affordable, professional tax services:

  • Tax Preparation for Individuals, Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations, S Corporations, Trusts, Gifts
  • Tax Planning
  • Taxpayer Representation for Audits, Appeals, Collections

Tax planning and preparation services are focused on legal strategies to reduce taxes. For tax planning multiple scenarios are considered, explored and reported for the client. Proactive tax planning is the best tool available for taxpayers to minimize their tax burden. Tax preparation services also review strategies to reduce taxes for Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs and individuals.

  • If you are having problems in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, they will not go away!
  • If you are being audited, negotiating with collections or considering an appeal, there are resources and techniques to help.
  • If you have unfiled returns, have underpaid or unpaid tax obligations; or are facing wage garnishments, liens, levies, or property seizures, there are remedies available to you.

It may seem hopeless and that there is no way to resolve your IRS issues. However, if your representative understands the internal workings of the IRS, there are solutions for tax problems. Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Partial Payment Plans, informed negotiations are some of the available remedies.

As a Fellow of the National Tax Practitioner’s Institute, I am knowledgeable in the details of the Internal Revenue Manual, used by IRS agents in dealing with taxpayers. Let me help you. Call today 408-703-5777 or email

All tax services are provided at an affordable hourly rate.