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Life Events

Life Events

Life is a journey. Sometimes there are happy events and unfortunately there are sad events we all experience on this journey. Significant events in your life may include:



  • new family members,
  • changes in marital status,
  • changes in employment,
  • passing of a loved one,
  • empty nest,
  • sudden retirement,
  • disability,
  • and others

may cause emotional and financial turmoil. All financial plans attempt to address the unexpected or minimize risk but things still happen.

When a you or a loved one experience a significant event, gather yourselves emotionally and consider some of the items in your financial life to address:

  • Should beneficiary designations be updated?
  • Should insurance coverage be modified?
  • Should employer retirement plans be rolled over?
  • Should IRAs be rolled over?
  • In the case of inheriting an IRA, should it be held as an “inherited IRA?
  • Should investments be reviewed and possibly re-allocated?
  • Are there federal or state agencies that must be contacted and updated?

We can never anticipate all of the changes that occur as we go through our journey. Hopefully, there are more happy events than sad events. My further hope is that this list will help everyone better anticipate and perhaps be prepared for some of life’s ups and downs.